STEM education has been implemented in many European and American countries to meet the development of the new technology era. Hong Kong must also strengthen its relevant personnel training to catch up with the future development of the world.


In order to popularize STEM education, primary schools, secondary schools, and universities are actively participating in different coding activities. These activities are mainly one-off competitions or after-class interest classes.

For non-computer teachers, the development of these technologies is difficult to "connect" with the subjects taught daily, which is prohibitive.

The establishment of Smarthon is to design simplified devices and apply the ever-changing technology development to teaching. For example, teachers can use Microbit and sensors to teach students to design a small greenhouse system and then use the Internet of Things technology to quickly transmit relevant values ​​to smart devices. Teachers can change the temperature or humidity in real-time to allow students to observe different changes, record them, and then use them for study, analysis, and understanding of the operation of the greenhouse system.

Compared with the traditional textbook learning model, this teaching model can stimulate students' interest and cultivate their observation ability, and lay a better foundation for future learning.