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School STEM Course & Hardware Special Offer 

​2019 STEM Courses and Teaching Materials Discount Plans

  • Teacher training

  • STEM after-class interest class

  • Integrating STEM elements into the science department

  • Big Data & Internet of Things (IoT) applications

  • Support students to participate in competitions

  • Suitable for local primary and secondary schools

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This promotion has ended on 30/6/2019

For any inquiries, please call 3500-3963/ Whatsapp 5707-0679 / email to learn more.

Why choose us?

"STEM education is not only about teaching students programming and tools, but to let them learn the logical thinking, problem solving, and experimental spirit behind it, and use it in daily life."


To meet the development of the new technology era, Smarthon has been committed to simplifying and applying the ever-changing technology to teaching. We provide various types of STEM school courses and workshops, including micro:bit programming, mobile phone applications, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, Internet of Things (IoT), smart home and planting, etc., to train teachers and students. Integrate STEM education into regular courses, stimulate students' interest and creativity, and lay a better foundation for future learning.

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