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These STEM short-term activities can help foster the school's STEM atmosphere. Many schools organize different STEM extracurricular activities during the start of the semester/post-test activities/holiday week. Our professional team provides different forms of STEM short-term activities/workshops for teachers to choose from. Let the school take the lead in this activity week to experience and try to push classes with new technology, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting STEM.

Activity Introduction:

Activity Mode: One-day STEM Experience Activity / Short-term Course: ~2-4 lessons (1.5 hours/lesson)

Suitable for: STEM Day/Booth/Lecture, experience activities, post-test activities, summer vacation short courses

Target: Elementary School/Secondary School/Group Organization

Capacity: 15-20 people/class

​​Course summary: Short-term courses are divided into three levels, from the basics to advanced applications. Schools can choose different types of courses according to their needs. The basic level includes basic micro:bit programming, basic electronic component learning for the observation and application of car speed measurement and plant growth. Intermediate courses pay more attention to programming logic applications and diversified electronic parts matching applications, such as robots, smart home coursesAdvanced courses: In-depth understanding and application of "Internet of Things" and "Artificial Intelligence" technologies, writing mobile phone applications, uploading data, and creating analytical charts.

Discount plan: 2019 STEM textbook and course discount plan

*If interested, students can enroll in the following STEM summer class courses with their own name. For information and details, please ask us through whatsapp (5707 0679).

Photos of Past Events: