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Thematic Courses

Thematic courses are based on different themes. No specific hardware like micro:bit or arduino is needed.

​The subjects include smart home/smart plants/fish and vegetable symbiosis/artificial intelligence/robot problem-solving etc.


micro:bit Courses

BBC Micro:bit is a small computer that has become very popular recently in the academic world. It aims to help young people learn basic programming knowledge.


It allows you to make all kinds of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments. This small computer has many functions, like 25 red LED lights that can flash messages, two programmable buttons, the size of a credit card (4cm x 5cm), an embedded accelerometer, magnetometer, thermometer and light sensor.


Arduino Courses

After completing basic programming, want to know more about the world of technology? Experiencing this Arduino Maker workshop can inspire students to think and learn more about electronic technology. The tutor briefly introduces the Arduino C programming language and teaches the basic programming language. The activity allows students to modify the program, experience how to write hardware programs, cultivate their interest, and prepare them to become future engineers.


Google AIY Courses

Students will be able to master all the basic operations of Google AIY including basic camera and voice knowledge, and Raspberry pi Linux environment operation. At the same time, after completing the entire course, students will be able to develop their creative abilities, make different applications, and apply them in real life.

Teaching Program: This course is designed to teach students a variety of small events and use Google AIY Vision and Voice Suite, understanding all the basic operations and behavior. Then it extends to different topics (such as the theme of robots, Internet of Things or smart home/campus creation). Finally, students interested in further learning will control a real smart home.

Google AIY-Vision Kit _3.jpeg

Electronic STEM Small Experiment Courses

Colorful LED lights make people happy. The emergence of LED lights brings convenience to the world. This workshop teaches students how to work with electronic parts and flash lights automatically. The instructor also explains the components in the LED lights so that students can better understand the technology.


Short-term activities in 2-4 lessons let students learn about different STEM courses, such as "micro:bit smart transportation car", "IoT smart treasure box", "artificial intelligence (AI)-portrait and picture recognition". Schools can be the first to experience and expand STEM education in schools.


Python Courses

The course starts with the basics, teaching programming with graphical programming, step by step.

With the small computer micro:bit, students can learn basic programming concepts in a fun and vivid way. Students will have a solid understanding of programming, establishing a solid programming foundation for future engineers.


Robot Programming Course

We mainly use MBot and Lego EV3 for robot education.

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