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IoT Maker Kit for micro:bit

Build your smart home model now!

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micro:bit Smart Home IoT Maker Kit

Product Introduction

Smarthon Smart Home IoT Maker Kit for micro:bit is designed to introduce advance implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) into daily life. With certain programming and electronic knowledge, you can express your creativity on building a smart house for living. Derived from Smarthon IoT board, the Smart Home IoT Maker Kit uses an unique extension while supporting more sensors and actuators, allowing you to build various smart home features, including smart defense system, and home health data monitoring system.


  1. Smarthon IoT:bit

  2. Multi-Color LED

  3. 180 Servo

  4. 360 Servo

  5. Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

  6. Light Sensor

  7. Temperature and Humidity Sensor

  8. PIR Motion Sensor

  9. Flame Sensor

  10. Button

  11. Motor Fan

  12. Cardboard Model

The instruction manual is included with the kit, convenient for teachers and students to make.



The smart house kit works with Smarthon's IoT:bit WiFi extension board to create different IoT projects.



The model is included with the kit for student to build creatively.

The instruction book contains the detail assembly steps.

Smart Home Projects

Have you ever imagined how to design your own smart home? This set can produce 11 smart home projects. The following are some reference examples. The coverage can be divided into 5 categories, including automation, security, entertainment, personal wellness and energy management.


Use Case 1:

Smart Saving Light Bulb

Make a smart light bulb by detecting motion around the environment.


Use Case 4:

Toilet Water Leakage Detection System

Make a toilet water leakage detection system by checking the conductivity of device connected.


Use Case 7:

Smart Remote Contorl Musical Light

Create a remote control to control the living room's musical light.


IoT Use Case 10:

Home Health Data Monitoring

Make a home health data monitoring system by collecting data from the sensors inside the house. Also use the temperature and humidity value to calculate the IAQ Score as reference.


Use Case 2:

Security Vanguard Alarm System

Make an automatic home vanguard by detecting the motion around the home.


Use Case 5:

Smart Fridge Alert

Create a fridge that can detect the door state, when the door was not in close state for a long time, warning the user.


Use Case 8:

Automatic Sunlight Detecting Curtain

Make a smart curtain know how to operate automatically by detecting the sunlight around the house.


IoT Use Case 11:

Kitchen Safety Flame Monitoring Alert

Make a flame monitoring alert system by detecting the existence of strong fire nearby.


Use Case 3:

Environmental Motor Fan

Make an environmentally friendly automated motor fan by detecting the surrounding temperature.


Use Case 6:

Mechanical Password Switch Door

Make a mechanical door that open upon button pressed and password correct.


IoT Use Case 9:

Smart Digital Morning Clock

Make a digital clock that performs a normal clock function with auto-synchronizing time, and alert at specific time.


IoT Use Case 12:

Room Smart Colorful Light App Control

Make a smart colorful light that will change colors upon remote control.

Scenario Example


Scenario example 1: Housing Safety and Security

Safety and Security is an important part of the smart home concept. With help from each sensor installed at home, it can reduce the chance of getting property damage, and even save a life. 

The Security Vanguard Alarm System and Mechanical Password Switch Door prevent the unauthorized person get into home. The Smart Fridge Alert let you save the food before they go bad. The Toilet Water Leakage System will not make your floor soaked in water. Also, the Kitchen Safety Flame Monitoring Alert helps you stop the disaster before your house is on fire.

Scenario example 2: Environmental Health Living

Sustainability is a common topic of smart home, the idea is to keep Personal Wellness and reduce the waste of energy at the same time. 

The Smart Saving Light Bulb will turn off the light when no activity. Automatic Sunlight Detecting Curtain will block the excessive heat from sunlight into the home. The Home Health Data Monitoring will check the environment status and control the fan to reduce waste of electricity. The Smart Digital Morning Clock help the house owner have a good life schedule.


Scenario example 3: Relaxing Home Automation

Automation can bring convenience to the user, it reduces the redundant task in our daily life.

The Mechanical Password Switch Door only required input the correct password, then will open the door for the user. The Smart Saving Light Bulb will turn on and off automatically based on the indoor activity, no need to manually switch it. The Smart Remote Control Music allow you control them with a single radio controller. With Alexa Voice Control Fan you just need to use voice then able to control the fan. The Room Smart Colourful Light Control let user use the Mobile App control the light very easily.

Scenario example 4: Smart Intelligent IOT Home

Make use of the numerous internet resources is the advantage of IoT device, with that smart home can be monitoring and controlling by internet.

The Smart Digital Morning Clock and Home Health Data Monitoring can make a clock which showing useful information, such as current time, temperature, humidity, and IAQ score of home. The Kitchen Safety Flame Monitoring Alert can warn house owner to take actions immediately if the home is on fire. The Room Smart Colourful Light App Control allow house owner to control the home light color by the APP on smartphone device. The Alexa Voice Control Fan can use the Amazon Alexa service to perform voice control. 


The above are examples only, you can design your own smart home, simply combine different cases together or

create dedicated cases at your home!

Product Features

House Model.PNG

Well Designed House Model

With the cardboard that can be built into a complete house model with extension boards for walls and sensor holders, students can enjoy the convenience of not having to handcraft modules for holding the components and simulating the scenes. Holes and ports on the walls inside the house model also allow room for creativity for students to freely build their dream house. 

Real Scenarios to Learn Smart Home

Nowadays, Smart Home is very common and applied to many houses already, it helps humans in living a lot. There are different categories that smart home can help on, such as saving energy, automation, security, personal wellness etc. For instance, smart defense systems help security like doorbells, fire alarm systems help to turn on the buzzer to prevent accidents. For saving energy, it can turn off the LED automatically when no one uses the light for more than 10 mins.

Leesmarthon_a white color-01-min_edited.

Smart Home IoT Concept Integrated

IoT is a main technology used in Smart Home. The common applications are the smart door, Amazon alexa voice control, mobile app control on some appliances, smart temperature and humidity sensors. It is common that not many people know what IoT is. Therefore, in the meantime, learning different iot platforms like IFTTT to trigger messages, uploading data to thingspeak, mobile app control is a good way for students to know how technology helps with smart living.

Suitable for Group Projects

This kit is very flexible and allows students to design their smart dream home they want. It is recommended that 2 students form a group, do the discussion, programming, design and presentation. So that, they can present their idea to the class. In the meantime, it can train up the student's different skill sets like logical thinking, communication skills and group work.

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