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SMARTHON Smart City IoT Starter Kit for micro:bit

Build your smart city model now!

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micro:bit Smart City Kit

Product Introduction

Smarthon Smart City IoT Starter kit is designed to introduce Internet of things (IoT). With basic knowledge of computing knowledge and electronics provided in the kit, you can be a city creator and build a unique IoT system in the city. Based on Smarthon IoT board, which is compatible with multiple sensors and actuators, you can design city features; for example: using sensors to detect traffic status and upload city information to the internet.


  1. Smarthon IoT:bit

  2. Traffic Light module

  3. White LED light

  4. Multi-Colour LED (WS2812)

  5. 180° Servo

  6. Buzzer

  7. Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

  8. Light Sensor

  9. Temperature, Humidity sensor

  10. PIR Motion Sensor

  11. Raindrop sensor

  12. Cardboard Wooden Model

  13. City Map

The instruction manual is included with the kit, convenient for teachers and students to make. Detail part list click here.


The smart city kit works with Smarthon's IoT:bit WiFi extension board to create different IoT projects.




A. Playground Lamp Stand

B. Car Park Access Barrier

C. Garbage Bin

D. OLED Display Stand

E. Car Speed monitoring

F.  Small Building (Apartment/Communal Building)

G. Traffic Light Stand

H. Tall Building (Skyscrapers/High-rise Housing)

I.   Street Light Stand

The model is included with the kit. There are total 9 different types of models for student to build creatively. The instruction book contain the detail assembly steps.

Smart City Projects

Have you ever imagined how to create your own smart city? This package can produce at least 11 smart city projects. The following are some reference examples. The scope of coverage can be divided into 3 categories, including Smart Living, Smart Mobility and Smart Environment.


Use Case 1:

Automated Smart Playground Lamp

When someone passes by, the playground lights will turn on automatically.


Use Case 4:

Urban Noise Detection

Using sound sensors to detect noise in decibels.


IoT Use Case 7:

Smart Defense System

When a suspicious person passes by, an alarm system is automatically triggered.


IoT Use Case 10:

Smart Street Light

Use the IFTTT platform to control the street light timer switch.


Use Case 2:

Smart Car Park Access Barrier

A distance sensor is used to detect the vacancy of the parking space. When the parking space is full, the brake lever will automatically fall to prevent the vehicle from entering.


Use Case 5:

Car Speed Monitoring

Use a distance sensor to detect vehicle speed.


IoT Use Case 8:

Automated Traffic Light

The light sensor can detect the traffic accident ahead, automatically coordinate the traffic light signal, and prevent the vehicle from moving forward.


IoT Use Case 11:

Roof Garden Clothes Rack

With the rain sensor and 180-degree steering gear, the canopy is automatically opened when it rains.


Use Case 3:

Garbage Disposal System

With the distance sensor and LED light, it shows the full load of the trash can.


IoT Use Case 6:

Weather Station

Establish a small observatory to detect temperature and humidity.


IoT Use Case 9:

Smart House Door Control

Use a mobile app to control the door. 

Scenario Example

1. Modern-Residential-House.jpg

Scenario example 1: Modern residential house


Modern residential house focus on achieving a high living standard of the citizen. It includes automation system for parking and high security defence system. Noise and weather information are collected to evaluate the environmental comfortability of a city.

Scenario example 2: Green engineering

It is a city development, which focus on high sustainability It includes increasing green areas, energy efficiency, reducing wastes, monitoring climate information and pollution states (eg. Noise).

2. Green-Engineering.jpg
3. Transport-safety-and-security.jpg

Scenario example 3: Transport safety and security

The transport safety and security is the primary concern of a city. Car speed and traffic condition are being monitored in the public transportation system. only responsible person of the corporation can enter the building, alerts will be sent on the network if there are suspicious people nearby.

The above are examples only, you can design your own smart city, simply combine different cases together or create dedicated cases in your city!

Product Features


Learn What is Smart City

Smart City is a very important concept to euqip students nowadays. In fact, Smart City is a framework, integrating the information and communications technology (ICT) to improve the city's sustainability, efficiency and quality of life, in 6 major area - mobility, living, environment, people government and economy.


This kit will focus on 3 categories which are (1) Smart Living (2) Smart Environment (3) Smart Mobility. Through the kit, students can make their own smart cities, understand and learn the importance and operation of smart cities with the sensors and actuators. It will nourish their interest on technology in the future.

Learn IoT through Smart City Cases

It is not an easy task for students to learn IoT (Internet of Things). The best approach we believe is to bundle all the cases with IoT so that the students could know how IoT is applied in that area.


The cases from 6-11 are bundled with IoT so that student will learn the IoT in more easy way. Moreover, the core ESP32 IoT:bit is included inside the kit. It is a powerful board that supports thingspeak, IFTTT, App Inventor2 control, Cloud Control and O2O Communication. 


Commonly used Built-in Models and City Map Included

City Feature - model and map.png

There are 9 city models come with in the kit. All the models are the most commonly element used in the city. For City Map, it is good for student to start the project in a "small region" of a A2 city Map than imagine by themselves.


For the wooden or cardboard material used, the more affordable price can allow more student to be involved. Beside, it reduce crafting time so that teacher can focus more on teaching smart cities. Moreover, student can add design more easily on the cardboard model if they want.

Complete Teaching Resources

The kit is designed with full of high flexibility, creativity and extensibility. The online documentation from case 1 to 11, the difficulty level from easy to advanced, from basic to IoT cases, detailed logic diagram, coding step, assembly step are all well documented. Besides, IoT function are separately included in the chapter 1-5 for easy learning for IoT.


Moreover, it is courseware-oriented. There are different level - Primary Level, Secondary Level and FULL Comprehensive Level. It includes all the teaching materials for teachers such as teacher note, lesson plan, student lab sheet, appendix etc.

city teaching materials.jpg

Suitable for STEM Group Projects


For this kit, it can be assembled by 1 student. However, it is recommended to form a group of 2-3 students for each kit for a classroom setting. It is good for STEM program, activities especially ICT Class to teach regular curriculum. In each group, they can discuss, code, assembly, design and present to the class.


It inspire student's different skill set such as coding, creativity, logical thinking, communication skills. This kit is very flexible and allows students to design their dream smart city after learning several core cases. For instance, Modern Residential House, sustainability or Smart Transport & safety are good topics for student to build.


WhatsApp Image 2021-08-17 at 2.54.42 PM.jpeg

MR. WONG TING FUNG, Head Teacher of STEM Courses Hong Kong Teachers' Association Lee Heng Kwei Secondary School

Smarthon IoT Kits are user-friendly which simplify students’ learning on coding and mechanism of Internet of Things (IoT). Then, students could apply what they learnt from the kits to the regular core subjects. Moreover, the kits extend the learning boundaries by encouraging students’ imagination and creating their own STEM project.


LDAMURNI JAMARI, Secondary School Teacher Ministry of Education,Singapore

It is a good toy to teach children to follow instructions, troubleshoot, and be creative. Also, children can interact with different sensors to see the operation of the smart city.

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