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Smarthon Products


Smarthon Products

Smart City IoT Starter Kit for micro:bit 

Smarthon Smart City IoT Starter kit is designed to introduce Internet of things (IoT). With basic knowledge of computing knowledge and electronics provided in the kit, you can be a city creator and build a unique IoT system in the city. Based on Smarthon IoT board, which is compatible with multiple sensors and actuators, you can design city features; for example: using sensors to detect traffic status and upload city information to the internet.

SS-P003-01-Smart City IoT Starter Kit for microbit-1.jpg

Smart Home IoT Maker Kit for micro:bit (NEW)

Smarthon Smart Home IoT Maker Kit for micro:bit is designed to introduce smart home concept implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) into daily life. Derived from Smarthon IoT board, you can express your creativity on building a smart house for living using in up to 1 cases from simple to IoT level, including smart saving light bulb, and home health data monitoring system in different areas like living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, door area etc. 


Smart Plant Kit for micro:bit

Smarthon Plant Kit is a scientific aid with multiple sensors and actuators for students to learn and conduct experiment on plant studies. Simply using the graphical programming on BBC micro:bit makecode platform, it would be much easier for students to set up plant experiment. Not only can students learn about plant biology, but they are also encouraged to ignite their creativity to design and study the particular projects on plant growth in deep.

Smart plant box1.png

Smart House Kit for micro:bit

Smarthon Smart House Kit for micro:bit is a collaboration of computing and engineering with art for users to design and build a smart house model. This educational tool contains 7 sensors and 7 actuators that cover all the basic areas of the smart house, including security, home automation, and comfortable living as well as energy management features. Let's start to develop your prototype.

Smart house box2.png
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