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SMARTHON Smart Plant Kit for micro:bit

Build your smart plant model now!

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micro:bit Smart Plant Kit

Product Introduction

Plants are one of the compulsory contents in Hong Kong primary school general studies / secondary school science subjects. Plant growth factors include water/carbon dioxide/sunshine, etc.; different plants require different light/temperature/humidity grow and change.

This set contains all smart components for plant growth, with the use of Micro:bit to allow students to control and create a suitable environment for plant growth. At the same time, through regular observation and recording data to see the growth rate of plants, learn the necessary conditions for plant growth.

File size: 2.5 MB

Quick Start Guide


3 cups


Multiple Actuators

Connecting Wire


Multiple Sensors


Multiple Sensors Base

*Excluding Micro:bit

3 cups


Water Pump

USB Base for LED Grow Light

Soil Humidity Sensor

Fan Blade

LED Grow Light

Fan Motor


Cotton Rod

USB Cable

The instruction manual is included with the kit, convenient for teachers and students to make.

Multiple Sensor and Actuator Board

Multiple Actuator Board_Plant-02.png
Multiple Sensor Board_Plant-01.png

(Smart Plant Kit)

(Smart Plant Kit)

Smart Plant Projects

Have you ever imagined how to design your own smart plant? This set can make at least 5 smart plant set items. The following are some reference examples. Promoting plant growth can be divided into four basic elements, including light, water, temperature, and humidity.


Smart Plant Light

The surrounding light is detected by the light sensor, and the LED plant light is turned on when there is no natural light.


Humidity Control

Check the humidity through the humidity sensor. When the humidity is low, spray water to the plant to increase the humidity.


Automatic Watering

Use the soil moisture sensor to automatically irrigate the plants when the soil is dry.


Real-time Observation and Record Data

Observe the plants in real-time and record the data to Excel via radio.


Temperature Regulation

The fan is automatically switched on and off to control the ambient temperature.

All accessories are for plant learning. Mainly about the knowledge of a plant, programming as the second priority. Cultivate students to improve their lives. Integrate STEM elements into regular courses. The package is designed with the curriculum as the main axis, mainly to learn the curriculum rather than other technical knowledge.​​

Complete teaching resources

Including lesson plan, teacher PPT, and student notes.


Product Features


Learning the knowledge of a plant as the main focus

Simple programming

Use mainstream hardware Micro:bit motherboard, compatible with Micro: bit Makecode platform to facilitate teaching. The set is easy to use. The motherboard is a sensor computer, which directly reads the data. It is convenient to observe the data changes. A total of 13 kinds of sensors/drivers are enough to complete a variety of creative projects. The extension set includes 4 additional components.​​

smart plant code.jpg
smart plant plug.jpg

Easy to use and learn

This course package uses "multiple sensor" and "multiple actuator". The set is easy to use. The mainboard is a sensor computer, which directly reads the data, which is convenient for observing the data changes.

Teaching Resources


Lesson Plan

The kit contains 8 detailed lesson plans and sets out the focus of each lesson's learning content, required materials, time distribution and teaching methods.

Teacher Teaching PPT

The PPT used by teachers can help them lead classroom processes and activities, reduce the burden of designing teaching materials, and make them better in STEM teaching.


Student Notes

Student notes include lesson learning and knowledge points with detailed experimental steps, making it easier for students to follow the course pace and revisit the content after returning home; at the same time, students can copy their own notes in the classroom to encourage them to study independently; There are also more challenging questions to cater for students of different levels.

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