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STEM Adult Certificate Course

Technology is changing with each passing day, and schools are paying more attention to STEM education and investing more resources in technology. Primary and secondary school students learn technology quickly. On the contrary, although adults intend to learn STEM education, they often have no way to start. In view of this, our team decided to start a STEM certificate course based on our experience in technology education, school support, and product development, so that adults can equip themselves, keep pace with the times, and quickly learn technical knowledge and the latest technological teaching tools and applications.

​We conduct certificate courses based on the popular STEM educational tools in schools so that adults can quickly learn the skills and add value to themselves. The lessons are mainly based on practical work combined with some theory. The courses last for 2 months, 8 lessons (16 hours) in total. A STEM certificate will be awarded for completing the adult courses.

​List of Courses:

This course is designed for people who are new to micro:bit. Through 8 teaching sessions (16 hours in total), they will be able to master all the required skills and key points of micro:bit, so that they can integrate micro:bit into their teaching, train their students' problem-solving ability and cultivate their interest in learning STEM.

Target: People interested in learning micro:bit, people interested in STEM industry

Hours: 16 hours (2 hours per session, 8 sessions in total)


The course uses the Google AIY Project Kit for teaching. Students can use the Google AIY Kits to operate with the Raspberry Pi Linux environment and learn Linux commands and programming. Students will use Google AIY Voice Kit for voice commands, self-made music boxes, and voice control robot arms and other smart products and use Google AIY Vision Kit to learn face recognition technology, recognize emotions through smiles, and make intelligent products.

Target: People intended to learn artificial intelligence and deepen their understanding and usage of Google AIY

Hours: 16 hours (2 hours per session, 8 sessions in total)

Why choose us?

Our curriculum design instructors and teams have over 5 years of experience in STEM teaching and have trained teachers from more than 100 different schools, including local and international schools, such as King's College, Ka Ling School Of The Precious Blood, Confucian Tai Shing Primary School, Island School, etc.

We also provide training hardware for schools to save the cost of purchasing STEM hardware and provide corresponding teaching materials and teaching notes for each school, in order to provide teachers with a comfortable and professional training to reduce the daily burden of teachers.

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Contact Us

For more information or inquiries, please contact us at 3500-3963 or email to

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