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Product Description

SMARTHON Smart Home IoT Maker Kit for micro:bit is designed to introduce smart home concept implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) into daily life. Derived from Smarthon IoT board, you can express your creativity on building a smart, multi-functional and well-being living environment.


Additional Information

micro:bit not included. This kit requires micro:bit v1 or v2 to run, you may add on to purchase micro:bit.


What is a Smart Home?

Have you ever imagined how to design your own smart home? It can be divided into 5 categories, including automation, security, entertainment, personal wellness and energy management. This set can produce 12 smart home projects, from simple to IoT level, including smart saving light bulb, and home health data monitoring system in different areas like living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, door area etc.



Smarthon IoT:Bit is an IoT orientated expansion board for micro:bit. With the help of this, micro:bit able to connect to different sensors or actuators without welding and start to use the internet services.



3 flexible model style by using partition included in this kit. It allows users to focus on the acknowledgement of smart home and express their creativity on building it.


Smart Home Functions

This kit includes at least 12 smart home projects with different levels, from simple, direct control to advanced IoT level by using Thingspeak, IFTTT, App Inventor 2 and so on. The cases are as follows.


Detail assembly steps, please click here.


Case 01: Smart Saving Light Bulb

Make a smart light bulb by detecting motion around the environment.


Case 02: Security Vanguard Alarm System

Make an automatic home vanguard by detecting the motion around the home.


Case 03: Environmental Motor Fan

Make an environmentally friendly automated motor fan by using a Temperature and Humidity sensor.


Case 04: Toilet Water Leakage Detection System

Make a toilet water leakage detection system by checking the conductivity of device connected.


Case 05: Smart Fridge Alert

Create a fridge door detector by using a light sensor.


Case 06: Mechanical Password Switch Door

Make a mechanical door that open upon button pressed and password correct.


Case 07: Smart Remote Contorl Musical Light

Create a remote control to control the living room's musical light.


Case 08: Automatic Sunlight Detecting Curtain

Make a smart curtain know how to operate automatically by detecting the sunlight around the house.


IoT Case 09: Smart Digital Morning Clock

Make a digital clock that performs a normal clock function with auto-synchronizing time, and alert at specific time.


IoT Case 10: Home Health Data Monitoring

Make a home health data monitoring system by collecting data from the sensors and recording into the Thingspeak.


IoT Case 11: Kitchen Safety Flame Monitoring Alert

Make a fire alert system in the kitchen by using a flame sensor and IFTTT to conduct detection and notification.


IoT Case 12: Room Smart Colorful Light App Control

Remote control the light bulb color by using a mobile app.


Scenario Example

Scenario example 1: Housing Safety and Security

Scenario example 2: Environmental Health Living

Scenario example 3: Relaxing Home Automation
Scenario example 4: Smart Intelligent IoT Home


Product Features

1. Acquiring Knowledge of Smart Home and IoT

2. Models Included, Flexible with Partition

3. Real Smart Home Scenario

4. Advance IoT Practice

5. Suitable for Group Project (2-3 ppl)

6. Ignite Creativity

7. Complete Teaching Materials



1. Online Documentation

2. Product Details & Information


Delivery Components:

- 1x Smarthon IoT:bit

- 1x Multi-Color LED (WS2812)

- 1x 180° servo

- 1x 360° servo

- 1x Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

- 1x Light Sensor

- 1x Temperature and Humidity Sensor (DHT11)

- 1x PIR Motion Sensor

- 1x Flame Sensor

- 1x Button

- 1x Motor Fan

- 1x Cardboard Model

- 2x Module Wire

- 1x Accessories

- 1x Screw and Nut


Detail part list, please click here.


Smarthon Smart Home IoT Maker Kit for micro:bit

HK$665.00 Regular Price
HK$598.00Sale Price
  • - Size: 310mm x 205mm x 70mm
    - Net Weight: 1000g
    - Operation Temperature: 0 to 80℃
    - Power Supply: MicroUSB (5V) Or AA Battery x4 (6V)
    - Maximum current limit: 1A
    - Main Processor: Micro:bit
    - Wi-Fi: Smarthon IoT:bit using ESP32
    - Sensor & Actuators: Smarthon Series

microbit kit set