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1. Product introduction :

-Plants are one of the essential contents of general studies / secondary courses in Hong Kong primary schools. Plant growth factors include water / carbon dioxide / sunlight, etc .; different plants need different light / temperature / humidity to affect the growth and changes of plants.

-This package contains all smart components for plant growth, and cooperates with the use of Micro:bit , allowing students to control by themselves to create a suitable environment for plant growth. At the same time, by observing and recording data regularly, we can observe the growth rate of plants and learn the necessary conditions for plant growth.


2. Suitable for:

Primary Three to Secondary Three (Primary School General Studies/Junior Secondary Science/STEM Extracurricular Activities Teaching Materials)


3. Learning content:

1. Learn basic Micro:bit programming knowledge

2. Read the temperature and humidity values

3. Use programming to control plant growth lights and water pumps

4. Learn about the different parts of plants (flowers, leaves, stems, roots) and photosynthesis

5. Observe and record plant growth elements 


4. The set contains:

1.  Sensor motherboard (luminosity, temperature, humidity, air pressure sensor, OLED)

2.  Drive sub-board

3.  Main/sub board connection line 10P

4.  Soil moisture sensor

5.  Plant light (optional red/blue/green/red and blue)

6.  Water pump

7.  Motor fan

8.  Humidifier Module

9.  Motherboard base

10.  Plant lamp chassis and bracket

11.  manual

*(Excluding Micro:bit)


5.  At least 5 items that the plant suit can do :

1. Smart plant light

2. Automatic irrigation

3. Temperature control

4. Humidity control

5. Real-time observation and recording of data ( luminosity , temperature , humidity , air pressure , contours , soil moisture , soil temperature )


6. Product features:

1. All accessories are for plant learning

2. Focus on learning plant knowledge , programming as a secondary , making students more interested in learning plants

3. STEM elements dissolved in the regular curriculum

4. The package is designed with courses as the main axis , and the main learning courses are not other scientific and technological knowledge

5. Use mainstream hardware Micro:bit as the motherboard , compatible with Micro:bit Makecode platform , which is convenient for teaching

6. The kit is easy to use , the motherboard is a sensor computer , which reads the data directly , which is convenient for observing data changes

7. A total of 9 types of sensors / drivers , enough to complete a variety of creative projects , the extended package includes 3 additional components

8. At least 6 plant intelligence projects can do it

9. This course package uses "Motherboard - Sensor Computer" and "Sub Board - Driver Device"


* "Motherboard - Sensor Computer" : All plants' sensors are integrated , including luminosity , temperature , humidity, etc.

* "Sub Board - Driver Device" : All plant output types are combined together , including water pumps , plant lights , motor fans, etc.

Smarthon Plant Kit for micro:bit

HK$520.00 Regular Price
HK$425.00Sale Price

microbit kit set