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School Services


STEM School Services

Smarthon provides different STEM school courses, from initial micro:bit programming courses to advanced cloud computing, big data application, and artificial intelligence courses. The content ranges from basic to deep, suitable for both Primary and secondary schools.


For example: "micro:bit smart home course", "Microsoft Azure IoT smart plant course", "Google AIY Visio/ Voice artificial intelligence application" courses. Students can learn different topics, train their problem-solving ability, logical thinking and experiment spirit.


Competition Training

The course contains topics of different models, such as Electronics, Coding, Mobile Apps (APP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Big Data (Cloud/ Big Data), etc.


Students will learn a series of different topics, stimulate their creativity to generate different ideas and make different inventions/models, and participate in various types of STEM competitions such as: "New Generation Youth Technology Contest", "Kesi Problem Solving Challenge", MTR "STEM Creating the Future", "So much learning", "Hong Kong High School Innovation Technology Contest", etc.

Teacher Training 

Smarthon provides "Basic micro:bit programming training courses" to the school, allowing teachers to quickly grasp programming knowledge, such as: "Forever", "Variable", "If...Else" programming logic, and integrate it into their teaching to make different classroom projects.


In addition to basic training, we also provide other advanced training courses to school, including micro:bit wifi course (Muselab Booster), artificial intelligence (AI – Google AIY Vision/ Voice), cloud big data course (Cloud – Microsoft Azure IoT ) to keep up with the latest STEM technology.

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STEM Short-term Activities

STEM short-term activities are mainly based on post-test/learning activities/school implementation of STEM education test classes.


Short-term activities in 2-4 lessons let students have a taste of different STEM courses, such as "micro:bit smart transportation car", "IoT smart treasure box", "artificial intelligence (AI)-portrait and picture recognition" and so on. Schools can be the first to experience and try to expand STEM education in schools.

Computer STEM Regular Courses

Many schools have begun to incorporate STEM education into the regular courses of computer science/other subjects. This course is designed to introduce specific topics into the computer classroom.


The instructors cooperate with school teachers to teach different classroom content to the students and adjust the course progress according to the needs of each class. The course also assists the school to set up an "enrichment class course" for top students after class.

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