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The PocketLab HotRod and PocketLab Voyager

The PocketLab HotRod is a fun and creative take on the classic "physics cart", except it's not boring and it doesn't look like a brick on wheels. 

The HotRod zooms through classic investigations on force and motion, measuring position, velocity, acceleration, rotation, force, magnetism, and more. The brains of the HotRod is a PocketLab Voyager, which means its more than just a smart car-it's a genius car! In addition to traditional physics cart activities, you can also detach the PocketLab Voyager and conduct literally hundreds of other science experiments.


PocketLab HotRod Features


The kit includes a detachable, fully functional PocketLab Voyager, an award-winning wireless sensor that is capable of hundreds of science experiments.  Measure the speed of your PocketLab HotRod, then detach the Voyager, strap it to a rocket and measure its altitude during launch. The possibilities are endless.

The detachable PocketLab Voyager can measure, acceleration, rotation, position, velocity, magnetism, barometric pressure, altitude, temperature, humidity, dew point, and heat index. Voyager connects via Bluetooth to the PocketLab app to stream and record data in real-time and has onboard memory for recording data without a Bluetooth connection.

The PocketLab HotRod is designed to be customized. With a 3D printer, you  can design and print your own accessories or use one of our free designs from our library.

Super low friction bearings and low rolling resistance wheels make for excellent low friction “physics cart” experiments.  You can 3D print as many PocketLab HotRods as you want for free.

Measure position, velocity, and acceleration using PocketLab Voyager's built-in rangefinder or by attaching PocketLab Voyager to the PocketLab HotRod's wheel. The built-in accelerometer is also a great way to independently measure acceleration, especially during “impact” experiments. More options mean more use cases.

HotRod + PocketLab Voyager


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